Pyrolysis Technology offers increased recycling rates to address environmental concerns to achieve government targets and to provide for higher profitability than that of competitive designs. A thermal decomposition process that occurs at moderate temperatures with a high heat transfer rate to the biomass particles and a short hot vapor residence time in the reaction zone. Several reactor configurations have been utilized to assure this condition and to achieve yields of gas product as high as 85% based on the starting dry biomass weight.

Pyrolysis Technology involves the pyrolisis of biomass produces a gaseous product, pyrolysis oil or bio-oil that can be readily stored and transported. Pyrolysis gas is a renewable fuel and can also be used for production of chemicals. Pyrolysis has now achieved a commercial success and is being actively developed for producing liquid fuels. Pyrolysis gas has been successfully tested in engines, turbines and boilers, and been upgraded to high quality hydrocarbon fuels.

Pyrolysis Technology process is an advanced conversion technology that has the ability to produce a clean, high calorific value gas from a wide variety of waste and biomass streams. The hydrocarbon content of the waste is converted into a gas, which is suitable for utilization in either gas engines, with associated electricity generation, or in boiler applications without the need for flue gas treatment.

This process is capable of treating many different solid hydrocarbon based wastes whilst producing a clean fuel gas with a high calorific value. This gas will typically have a calorific value of 19 - 30 MJ/m3 depending on the waste material being processed.

The lower calorific value is associated with biomass waste, the higher calorific value being associated with other wastes such as sewage sludge. Gases can be produced with higher calorific values when the waste contains reasonable quantities of synthetic materials such as rubber and plastics.

An inert residue between 10 and 15% of the biomass processed is also produced and can be used in a residue benification process or low value applications such as road fill with the worst case scenario of non hazerdous landfill.

Waste 2 Energy Pilot Plant running off Biomass...

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Complete Plant Layout

CE 736 3D Power Plant - Building off (2)-1

1.9MW Gas Engine being placed in position

Engine installation393

Basic 3D Model

3D Model